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High Tea Parties Glamour style is a great way to be part of " High Society" for a day.
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, bridal shower, Hens Party , Fundraiser, social function or do you need a reason to be part of high society?
Celebrate with family and friends in pure Sophistication by indulging in our exquisite hire items
You can hire our Photographer - Michael Ritter Creative Photography to capture your event.
Why not welcome your guests with a beautifully decorated table & red carpet runner.
We also do set up and set downs at a cost.
We also can be your Vintage waitress charged at an hourly rate.

The cheapest way to celebrate in pure sophistication is to HIRE
We hire:
Fine bone china & Silverware                                      Click on image below
Coffee pots
Tea cups & saucers, side plates
Milk jugs
Sugar bowls
Milk Bottles
Tiered cake stands
Cake plates
Tea spoons & cake forks
Bone handle cutlery
Vintage tablecloths
Vintage Aprons
Record players
Large Dumb Waiter on wheels
Vintage Serving trays
Vintage furs & Clothing & Hats & Gloves
Vintage Ladies chairs
Cordless 5 light table Chandeliers
Artificial Peony roses
Vintage tin baby baths
Vintage Cameras
Vintage Hat boxes
Vintage Suitcases
Vintage wooden Ironing Boards
Vintage French Wine Barrel
Vintage sewing machine tables
Chocolate fountains come in 3 sizes
There are many more vintage items not shown on this list so please call.


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High Tea Hire Melbourne

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